Double Back Solutions works directly with companies and individuals to ensure that their content, literature, marketing materials, policies, letters and emails are well written and achieve their purpose. We recognise that our clients, be them business owners or executives, don’t always have the time to write in an engaging way and even less so to ensure that grammar, spelling and punctuation is spot on! Nevertheless, the importance of the well written word can never be over-stated.  Whether our clients need a conversational writing style that people really enjoy reading, or a professional presentation with an executive punch, Double Back Solutions can deliver.

Writing services are confidential and Double Back Solutions does not reveal client or company names. We only use one nominated specialist for this service which provides our clients with even further added protection and we can start with a blank page or by editing your draft if you prefer.


Executive / Corporate Ghost-Writing  

Letters for work situations and grievances

Cover letters

Court letters





Corporate bios and company literature

Sensitive letters and press releases

If you or your organisation would like more information about our services, please contact Double Back Solutions on 01443 260967 or e-mail us at: