According to the British Chamber of Commerce, UK employers are facing an average cost of £8,500 for Employment Tribunals brought on by claims from aggrieved employees.

In addition to the average cost, the number of Employment Tribunals is on the rise, caused predominately by negligence on behalf of the employer.

Employers in the UK are failing to develop proper HR policies and procedures, thus leaving them without proper protection should one of their employees take legal action against the company. In 2015 / 2016, there were 603 claims that resulted in compensation for unfair dismissal and 144 discrimination cases where compensation was awarded. The following table demonstrates the maximum award, median award and average award in each area:

Maximum Award Median Award Average Award
Unfair Dismissal £470,865 £7,332 £13,851
Sex Discrimination £1,762,130 £13,500 £85,622
Race Discrimination £43,735 £13,760 £14,815
Disability Discrimination £257,127 £11,309 £21,729
Age Discrimination £16,263 £8,417 £9,025
Religious Discrimination £45,490 £16,174 £19,647
Sexual Orientation Discrimination £20,192 £20,192 £20,192

In total, 658 costs awards were made – 393 in favour of the claimant and 265 for the respondent. 84% of claimants now have legal representation at the Employment Tribunal and a further 2% are represented by their trade union. This cost to organisation’s, not to mention the suffering involved, is almost always avoidable. 

Double Back Solutions provides a better understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion through our training courses, coaching and policy development, consultancy, mediation and much more. We supply comprehensive training and support services on equality, diversity and related issues. Whether you need training, advice, policy development, facilitation or a combination of services, we can provide consultants who will meet your needs.

Working to develop a diverse and inclusive organisation is a process that can benefit from the services of consultants who bring specialist experience and an outside and independent perspective to compliment your organisation’s capabilities and resources. We will work in partnership with you to shape and design, develop and implement your equality and diversity initiatives and policies. Our wide range of consultancy services includes diversity audits, policy development, mentoring and coaching and conducting investigations.


Policy Development

In addition to the average cost of £8,500, the number of Employment Tribunals is on the rise, caused predominately by negligence on behalf of the employer.

Employers in the UK are failing to develop proper HR policies and procedures, thus leaving them without proper protection. Double Back Solutions can develop and prepare policies and assessments to help protect your organisation and prevent the costs that negligence in this area incurs.

Policies and assessments include;

Equality and Diversity Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Equality Impact Assessments

Promotion Policies and Procedure Protocols

Commitment to Equality and Diversity Statements

Monitoring Policy

Grievance / Fairness at Work Policy


Training helps employees to enjoy job satisfaction and security. The more satisfied the employee, the greater their moral and the more they contribute to business and organisational growth and success. Training is also proven in this regard to help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. A trained employee also requires minimum supervision and errors are less likely to occur, which can otherwise be very costly to your business.

Double Back Solutions offers training across all our services and the following inputs and courses are designed to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and subsequently protect your business;

Unconscious Bias

Equality & Diversity

Inclusive Leadership

Working with Customers

Training for Trainers

Specialist Courses

Race Awareness

Transgender Awareness

Religion and Belief

Equality Monitoring

LGBT Awareness

Travelling Communities

Ensuring Social Inclusion

Mentoring and Coaching

Double Back Solutions Consultants provide one to one coaching and mentoring support for leaders, managers and individual staff members to strengthen awareness and improve working practice, particularly relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. In a safe coaching environment, individuals can explore professional and personal challenges they face, with the aim of enabling more effective working and enhanced contribution to your organisation.

Key individuals can be critical in embedding equality and diversity and thereby create an inclusive culture and positive practice in their organisation or business. Coaching is a proven method to consolidate learning and to develop effective behaviours and attitudes that meet the standards that your business requires.

 Double Back Solutions consultants can work with you to provide bespoke coaching support on an occasional or single session basis or as a series of appointments.


Individuals or entire teams can experience conflict in the workplace which can impact on the morale of staff, not only those directly involved. Mediation is a formal yet flexible process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute in order for them to reach a mutually agreeable outcome and re-establish a professional working relationship. Mediation is proven to improve relationships and also works well between team members and between managers and junior staff.

Mediation can avert the need for grievances or disciplinary action.

Investigations & Fairness at Work / Grievance Procedures

Consultants from Double Back Solutions have successfully carried out many investigations into alleged harassment, bullying and discrimination. Against a backdrop of increased awareness and emphasis, businesses and organisations are doing more than ever to ensure that they are protected and that their employees are suitably trained and familiar with the professional standards expected of them. Using an external and reputable consultant from Double Back Solutions will increase confidence for all parties in the investigation process. It will also demonstrate your organisation’s desire to be fair to all and the actions taken to prevent further escalation.

If you or your organisation would like more information about our services, please contact Double Back Solutions on 01443 260967 or e-mail us at:

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