Partnerships can play a critical role in business if managed correctly. However, inevitably they involve risk that can often lead to high expense, both in fiscal terms and reputation. Double Back Solutions works with our clients to identify these risks and potential consequences, to enable informed decision making during the partner journey.

We work with all sectors to promote and develop effective collaboration and relationships, providing organisational development, opportunities for growth and we provide strategic advice and partnership analysis and evaluation, in addition to workshops, training, practical tools and consultation with stakeholders.


Relationship Building – It is important to have mutual understanding between partners and an alignment of aims that you are reaching for together. Double Back Solutions walks our clients through this process and sets out phases that will propel them from a superficial alignment to a genuine ‘partnership’.

Partnership Health Check – Monitoring the health and therefore the efficiency of the partnership, the operation and the processes is as important as monitoring outcomes. Double Back Solutions works with our clients to establish and embed indicators of partnership “vital health” signs and where desired, will facilitate a combined partnership workshop to identify joint solutions and associated action plan.

Stakeholder Design and Mapping – We work with our clients to identify all interesting opportunities and parties and then begin to help to them determine the roles each of these might take in relation to a new or existing partnership.

Business Checklist – This helps our clients to identify aspects of their work or a specific project that indicate necessary collaboration with partners. The tool suggests the methodology and process that may be undertaken in order to reach identified goals and to establish the connection and relationships needed.

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