At Double Back Solutions, we recognise that all successful businesses need to operate with strong performance and engagement and that it would not be possible without staff well-being and resilience. In a complex environment, businesses and organisations are often asking more of their staff and increasing pressure has often led to elevated levels of stress and staff absence. Mental and physical health and well-being is critical and directly impacts staff contribution to the organisational or business strategy and over-all performance.

We work with our clients to provide a holistic approach, analysing existing culture and practice and offering services that will provide insight and enhanced knowledge and support mechanisms.


Health and Well-being Audit – Provided using a variety of approaches, including surveys, one to ones, focus groups, management discussion and data analysis; this service helps our clients gauge the existing culture, performance and trajectory in respect of health and well-being which translates into tangible performance predictions and outcomes. This in turn enables our clients to develop an effective wellbeing strategy with our full support throughout the journey.

Health and Well-being Workshops and Tools – Double Back Solutions delivers interesting, engaging and informative workshops that have a lasting and positive impact on our delegates.  Our theory and evidence based delivery, handouts, toolkits and exercises are designed to support and inform with both bitesize and detailed discourse to suit all learning styles.

Resilience Training – Resilience is the ability to recover from challenges and difficult situations, hardships and adversity. Our resilience training provides our clients, suitable for all staff members in any business or organisation, with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to achieve stronger and healthier resilience.

Health and Well-being Delivery Plan – We can work from scratch with our clients or with their existing plans to help develop and progress them and engage staff members. We can offer a bespoke package, as either a one off or a rolling service throughout the year and clients can indicate the level of input and support they require. We know this could change from one month to the next which is why we are happy to flex our services accordingly.

For further details of the Health and Well-being Plan service, or for more information about any of our services, please contact Double Back Solutions on 01443 260967 or e-mail us at:

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