In addition to complex issues around governance and compliance, organisations are falling victim to highly sophisticated threats. With the GDPR implementations, businesses are facing unprecedented scrutiny and under increasing pressure to manage their systems and resources appropriately.

Hackers are outsmarting defence systems and Phishing attacks are becoming sophisticated and brazen and not only are our clients having to monitor these closely, but they are also still struggling with a lack of qualified professionals available in the industry. Double Back Solutions keeps it simple and untangles the mess so that you don’t have to.

Key Questions

Do the right people have access?

Are you prepared for the worst?

Is your environment a secure one?

Can you effectively detect and respond to security threats?

Are you taking the right steps in relation to information security?

Do stakeholders have confidence in your information security?


Mastering Data governance for GDPR compliance

GDPR Policy Development

Insider Threats, Prevent & Detect

Security Awareness and Culture

Third Party Risk Management

Information Sharing Agreements and Protocols

Vulnerability Scanning

Penetration Testing

Please also see our Risk Assurance page for further information, including Risk Management, Decision Making and Business Continuity services.

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