Double Back Solutions will work with you to protect and maximise every area of your business.  With our guidance and independent assurance, we can help you to identify where your business or organisation may be at risk and put measures in place to mitigate and minimise consequences.



Within Double Back Solutions, risk assurance is designed to help our clients identify the risks that they face and to ensure they have adequate control measures in place to manage them, or recommend improvements to existing ones. In a complex and evolving environment, there are myriad reasons why businesses and organisations fail and poor preparation should never be one of them.

Operational Resilience, Crisis and Continuity

Our focus is to help your business prepare, respond and manage crisis. There have been countless examples of businesses crumbling due to a lack of planning or poor crisis management. To survive, our clients need to possess the skills and tools that are needed and have a thorough understanding of traditional risk management.

Double Back Solutions builds on the principles of business continuity and extends much further to help enhance your organisation’s capability to identify threat and risk and prevent crisis from occurring wherever possible through;

Capability Reviews

Crisis Continuity

Crisis Workshops

Crisis Table-Top Exercises

Review, Design & Developed Business Continuity Plans

Governance, Risk and Compliance Course

Today’s rapidly changing environment requires thinking about risk in different ways and taking innovative approaches to managing and enhancing your governance, risk and compliance activities. Double Back Solutions delivers this course, suitable for staff, professionals, business owners, leaders and managers and is a proven step to ensuring your organisation builds the capabilities it needs to survive and thrive.


  • Increase staff performance with effective problem-solving and decision making skills
  • Accelerate the decision-making process
  • Prevent silo working and encourage creativity
  • Develop a consistent approach to problem-solving

Please also look at our Information Security page for further information, including GDPR, Data Protection and Cyber services.

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