Business leaders must act with integrity and conviction in times of increasing complexity and evolution and they need support and clear perspectives that inform continued growth and development.  Double Back Solutions works shoulder to shoulder with our clients to connect strategic vision with seamless and exceptional execution to achieve real-time, tangible and sustainable benefit. From developing over-all strategy and business models to improving operations to optimise delivery, we have the skills and knowledge that our clients need.


Strategy Review – In-depth analysis to include resource allocation and problem solving, a final report and recommendations with regard to your long-term vision, existing and proposed portfolio and answers to any specific questions provided in the brief.

Operations support – In-depth analysis, to include resource allocation and problem solving, a final report and recommendations with regard to the initial brief (i.e. how to ensure value, how to increase productivity) and an implementation plan.

Business Model Transformation – looks at how we improve the overall operating model of an organisation in order to deliver on strategic objectives and drive commercial performance – be it capturing new growth opportunities, reducing costs or transforming operational effectiveness.

Implementation – Double Back Solutions also offers an implementation service, bespoke to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss this aspect further.

Leadership & Performance Reviews – Performance evaluation is an opportunity for a manager and an employee to meet and discuss the employee’s job performance, their performance goals, and organisational priorities. For employees, this process can be something they dread or look forward to. Whether you are a business with an established feedback procedure or are yet to embed performance evaluation within your company, Double Back Solutions can help.

Performance Management – Improving performance, tackling underperformance

Organisational Influence – Leadership Courses / Workshops, 360 Degree feedback programmes, Health and Safety for staff and managers

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

People and Process – Health and Wellbeing, attendance management, i.e. reducing absence. Annual Leave policy improvement, Continuous Professional Development

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